University of Alabama and Vettes4Vets

Cooperative Research Initiative

Veterans Assessment Project - Vettes for Vets

A Birmingham-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit; Vettes for Vets is the primary sponsor for a yearlong study of the need, availability and efficiency of support programs for local veterans and their families.

The Assessment will be conducted and supervised by an experienced social scientist, Dr. David Albright of The University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa and his staff in the University’s School of Social Work, Of9ice for Military Families and Veterans. Dr. Albright is also a veteran and was named by the Governor to be on the state’s Alabama Executive Veterans Network in addition to his other national level work.

This study will begin with a series of face-to-face veterans’ focus meetings that will set the tone for a robust follow-on electronic survey that will be distributed to as many local veterans as possible for their response and subsequent analysis by Dr. Albright and his staff.

The hope is that this Assessment will enable providers and those that support them to be much more selective and effective in meeting our veterans needs.

Partners participating in funding this study include The United Way’s Priority Veterans Program and the local Still Serving Veterans organization. Results and reporting should be available in the next twelve to fourteen months.

Point of Contact to inquire about becoming a participating partner:

        Chairman of the Board for Vettes for Vets

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2018 Annual Report

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