Veteran Support Services Information

Question How do I make a request for help for assistance from Vettes4Vets?

Answer:  Simply contact Vettes4Vets via letter, email or a call to one of the board members.

Question:  How are Veterans needing help vetted before  assistance is provided?

Answer:  A formal request for assistance is completed, researched and submitted to the V4V Board of Directors for review and approval.

Question:  How long does it take for a Veteran needing help to receive assistance from Vettes4Vets??

Answer:  Often emergency assistance to Veterans needing help can be provided in just a few days.  The circumstances of the Veteran's needs play a large part in our response.  (See Testimonials on our website.)

Question:  In what ways is Vettes4Vets able to provide assistance to a Veteran in need?

Answer:  The kind of assistance provided to a Veteran needing help is determined by their circumstances and the most efficient options available through Vettes4Vets.

Question:  Is my donation to V4V tax deductible?

Answer:  Yes; V4V is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization with an IRS identifier (EIN 273675395); likewise we endeavor to provide a receipt or thank you letter in response to each and every donation for your records.

Question:  How much does V4V pay its Directors and staff?

Answer:  Nothing, V4V is very ‘lean and mean’, operating completely through our volunteers with work done on home computers and personal resources so there is almost no overhead.  (There are of course infrequent unavoidable business expense though, such as our trademark fees, our V4V support trailer that needs tags.  V4V also prints promotional materials from time to time and we have insurance coverage for our officers …. this then allows V4V to redistribute NEARLY 100% of your contributions BACK to veterans in need or to their families.)

Question:  Does it rent an office location?

Answer:  No.  Vettes4Vets has no physical offices.  Most work is done from Board member's and Volunteer's business facilities and/or homes.  Our financial focus is on helping Veteran and military members needing help.

Career Day for Veterans & Resource Fair

Question What is career day?

Answer:   Career Day is an event sponsored by V4V every November at the City of Hoover’s Finley Center that invites ALL veterans to come and meet with interested companies, employers and even governmental agencies that have a need to recruit and hire good employees.

Question:  Where is it held?

Answer:   It is held at the City of Hoover’s Finley Center, 100 Ben Chapman Drive 

Hoover, AL 35244.  Hoover’s Finley Center is adjunct to the Hoover Met BaseBall Stadium near Hoover High School.   Access is from Exit 10 (Highway 150) off of I-459, east of the Galleria. 

(Finley Center Link)

Question:   Has it been successful in the past?

Answer:   Yes, as result of past Career Days veterans have landed jobs and some have upgraded to better jobs.  Some of the staff that will be setting up this event at the Finley Center this year got their job from Career Day.

Question:   How do I register my company to participate and set up an information table?

Answer:  Simply contact Vettes4Vets via letter, email or a call to one of the board members.

Question:  Is there any cost to do that?

Answer:  No, there is no cost to vendors or participants.

Salute To Veterans Ball

Question What is this Salute to Veterans Ball?  

Answer:  The Salute to Veterans Ball is a formal dinner that is held every November as a benefit to raise funds for Vettes4Vets to assist veterans.  The evening includes introductions made by the Mayor of Hoover and features an invited guest speaker of national prominence, as well as,  special inspirational presentations.

Question:  When and where is it held?

Answer:  It is held at the City of Hoover’s Finley Center, 100 Ben Chapman Drive 

Hoover, AL 35244.  Access is from Exit 10 (Highway 150) off of I-459, east of the Galleria the evening of November 7, 2019.  (Finley Center Link)

Question:  Who should attend?

Answer:  Businesses, veterans and ANYONE who holds an interest in helping veterans.   Tables offer companies a chance to sponsor ten of their employees or selected VIPs at several  different sponsorship levels that will be recognized in the dinner program.

Question:  Who are these "speakers of national prominence"?

Answer:  For the Salute to Veterans Ball in 2018, the guest speaker was Medal of Honor Recipient (MOH) (and retired Green Beret) Command Sergeant Major Bennie Adkins of Opelika, Alabama; author of the book, “A Tiger Among Us”.

For 2019, the guest speaker will be Major (retired) Ed Paludo who is the Vice President of the national effort; Folds of Honor that distributes scholarship funds to the surviving family members of fallen soldiers.  

(See the EVENTS tab for additional information)

Patriot Dinner & Golf Challenge

Question What is this event?  

Answer:  The Patriots Dinner & Golf Challenge is centered around a benefit golf tournament where donors have the RCCC golf course all to themselves on tournament day, with the added feature of sharing their foursome with a veteran who is invited to play with them.   The evening before the tournament, there is an informal dinner for the tournament patrons and has a guest speaker of national prominence.  

For 2019, the dinner will be the evening of Sunday November 17th and the golf tournament will begin the following morning, Monday November 18th.

Question:  Where is this event? 

Answer:  It is held at the City of Hoover’s Riverchase Country Club, 2000 Club Road, Hoover, AL 35244.   (RCC Golf Link)

Question:  Do you have to be a golfer to participate?

Answer:  No, reservations for the evening dinner before the tournament is open to the general public.  Non-golfers are welcome.

(See the EVENTS tab for additional information)

Talladega Track Day Information

Question:  What does it cost to drive my own car on the Talladega Superspeedway track at this event?

Answer:  The cost is $100 to drive one five (5) lap session around the track.  Multiple sessions may be purchased.

Question:  What are the track rules for this event?

Answer:  You can download a PDF copy of the Talladega Superspeedway's Track Day Rules & Regulations.   (DOWNLOAD

Question:  Can I volunteer to help at Track Day?

Answer:  YES.  Contact us.

Event Ticket Information

Question: What online payment methods do you accept?

Answer:  We accept PayPal and major credit cards.  Checks may be mailed to: 

Vettes4Vets, Box 249, 1678 Montgomery Hwy., Hoover, AL 35216 Hoover, AL.

Question: Do you offer a discount for multiple tickets or orders?

Answer:  No, sorry.