Testimonial from an Army Veteran

“I had found myself at a tough place in life.  There are a lot of programs out there that were originally designed to help veterans. But I believe through politics most programs have made it almost impossible to "close the deal" in assisting the veteran in need.  There's so many roadblocks and barriers usually set in place that the veteran is ultimately hindered from receiving the help he or she needs."

But, this Veteran goes on to say "Vettes4Vets was not only crucial in me regaining control over my life, but they made it easy.  They don't put any extra burden on someone who already has a lot on their plate.  With no strings attached, they were simply there for a veteran in need!  I can never thank them enough.”

Testimony from Folds of Honor

"In 2017, Vettes-4-Vets partnered with the Patriot Shootout – Alabama, advancing the Folds of Honor Foundation Mission of providing educational scholarships’ for the children and spouses of Alabama’s military service-members who have fallen or were disabled while serving our great nation. Together, we embraced the Game of Golf as a platform to expand public awareness and rally like-minded Alabamians to champion this Noble Mission. By standing in the financial gap of the more than one million dependents adversely affected by war, the Folds of Honor Foundation were able to award 134 scholarships statewide, totaling $654,000.00 for the 2018/2019 academic year."   (Folds of Honor)

Russell P. Redford Jr. / Tournament Chairman

Testimony from An Army National Guard Veteran

"The past couple of years has been a very trying time for me and my family, and I honestly reached the point of feeling I had no where else to go. I finally decided to seek further help, and that’s when I was introduced to the Vetts4Vets Organization. It was such a blessing to speak with them one day and have issues resolved within the next week or two. Not only did they assist me with my initial problem, but they went above and beyond to see what else they had available to assist me with other trouble areas. This is an amazing organization that genuinely cares for veterans, and it’s an honor to serve!"

Testimony from An Army National Guard Veteran

"Dear Vettes4Vets,

        In the past few months I've been able to revolunize my workflow using the iMAC that you blessed me with.  I can now have a tutorial (or reference manual) displayed on one side of the screen, and my design program open on the other side.

        Before the iMAC I would have to view a few seconds of tutorial in one window, close the window, open the design program , do the steps from the tutorial, close the program window and repeat.  It was a nightmare on a 13" tablet display!  It also made learning new skills incredibly difficult.  

        I cannot thank you enough for the life changing gift and have already begun to design some elements for your website & trailer vinyl wrap.  Thank you once again for impacting my life and helping me to provide for my wife & 2 kids: Caleb 1 (yr) & Peyton (6 yr)."

Very Respectfully,

Cody Coumes